IMPORTANT NOTE: This is an in-person class to be held in Auburn, Washington, USA and surrounding local areas. This class is available as a mobile art class, or may be scheduled at the Auburn Area Chamber of Commerce. Please contact Renee Clark prior to purchase if you wish to schedule your class at the Auburn Area Chamber of Commerce, outside of Auburn city limits or if you are not flexible with your booking date(s).


Floral Affirmations is an in-depth course that teaches a large variety of skills. This is a 3-session course. You will work on a single 12″x12″ canvas during the course. You can take portions of this course individually as two-hour classes. In order to have a finished painting, make sure you take all available classes.

Part 1 and Part 2 are $35 each.  After you have taken Part 1 and Part 2, you will be given a coupon to take Part 3 for only $5.  The total cost of this 6-hour course is $75.

Have fun! Gather a group of four or more friends and schedule your course at a discounted rate! Contact Renee Clark for more information.


As you create this canvas, you will learn and practice techniques to create a textural painting. You will also practice creating art that is pleasing to the eye, while remaining imperfect.

You choose YOUR words*. You choose what inspires YOU.

This course is an introductory course to techniques that are used in creating soulful art, or healing art. The course itself will not delve deeply into the subject of soulful art, but the student will walk away having a broad perspective of what healing art is about.

You will spend some time reflecting on words of importance and meaning to you. Some of those words will end up on the canvas and become a visual affirmation piece to reflect on.

You will learn and practice many skills in this course!

This course is a comprehensive course that will teach you many of the skills that are taught during 3 of our technique-based classes. In this class you will learn about elements of design, color composition, techniques for building texture, and multiple finishing processes. After taking this class, you will have learned techniques enabling you to create future textural, mixed media paintings on your own.

This is a 3-session course. Each session is  2 to 3-hours long.  The entire course will take between 6-9 hours.

Part 1: Creating Art with Dimension Learn a variety of methods to add dimension to your art. Practice dimensional stenciling, dimensional flower-making, build backgrounds using found objects and more. This class can be taken independently or as the first class to Floral Affirmations. Cost is $35.00 per person and includes all supplies.

Part 2: Beautiful Backgrounds Learn a variety of techniques to make beautiful backgrounds for future paintings and/or decoupage projects. Explore how to create colorful washes, stenciled backgrounds, stamped backgrounds and more. This class can be taken independently or as the second class to Floral Affirmations. Cost is $35.00 per person and includes all supplies.

Part 3: Decoupage and Finishing Touches Learn how to incorporate decoupage elements in your art. Explore a variety of methods to add depth to your art using this simple technique. Cost is $25.00 per person and includes all supplies. Complete Part 1 and Part 2 and you will receive a $20 off coupon to complete Part 3 for only $5.

*Available Titles: AMAZE, BEAUTY, be HAPPY, BELIEVE, BLESSED, BRAVE, CARING, COURAGE, DELIGHT, DREAM, INSPIRE, KIND, PEACE, UNIQUE. In addition, you will choose your own thoughtful words that reflect upon the title you choose.