Renee Clark
Renee Clark, Mixed Media Artist

At CREATE Courageously, we teach Mixed Media Art Classes. We are a mobile art instruction company based in Washington State. We teach online art classes and we bring in-person art classes to you at your location. We offer classes in textural painting, decoupage, paper crafting, printmaking, jewelry making, cake decorating, screen printing and more! Our catalog of custom designed art classes is growing each month.  We are a family owned business.  Art classes are designed and taught by Renee Clark.


Some people have a natural knack for being creative. But, we believe, creativity is more often developed, rather than acquired naturally. Teaching others to make art is the heart of what we do at CREATE Courageously. We teach soul art. We teach healing art. We teach courageous art. We teach people to try new things, drop the fear of perfection, and reach outside of themselves to try something new.

Through the process of making, doing, creating, our students get to know themselves better. They discover who they want to be – who they need to be. Each class is jam-packed with a variety of techniques. The art they go home with is unique to them and is an expression of themselves. They connect with their own creative spirit, and meet other creatives and makers.