hi there.

My name is Renee Clark. I am a mixed media artist and former owner of a small business called CREATE Courageously. I may not be teaching mixed media art and craft classes any more, but I still own the domain URL so I am putting it to use in hopes to help the community during a time of crisis. I invite you to click the "coronavirus" link to access a face mask pattern that I put together to share, as well as links to community resources.

With the help of each other, we can get through this trying time. Remember to wash hands, practice social distancing, and let's draw upon our creative instincts to help each other out.


CREATE Courageously began as a small mixed media art studio that provided a unique experience. It was not a paint-n-sip company. The company offered comprehensive courses that focused on the elements of design, color composition, techniques for building texture, a variety of art styles and multiple finishing processes. Unfortunately operation and supply costs were too high and CREATE Courageously needed to close.

"We help you find the courage to create" was the mission statement of CREATE Courageously. Why courage? Because it takes courage to create. People are naturally fearful of the creative process. They don't like to make mistakes, which can prevent them from trying something new. At CREATE Courageously we helped people push past the fear of trying new techniques.

Fear can be debilitating. Paralyzing. But, when someone learns to harness fear, to utilize fear, great things can happen. Some of the brightest ideas have been born out of fear.

With the onslaught of the Coronavirus COVID-19, society as a whole has been experiencing a tremendous amount of uncertainty. But, as concern takes hold, we are beginning see people utilize their skills in an entirely new way. Companies that once manufactured furniture or automobiles are changing up their manufacturing lines to create very much needed medical supplies. Artists and seamstresses are volunteering their time to help, too.

Now is the time to think outside of the box and find ways to help. That's what we are doing. We thank you if you are.

Click the links above to find resources that may help you as we all go through this experience together - a minimum of 6 feet apart. We will get through this, one day and one step at a time.

When our new normal begins to take a toll, you may find the solace you need by creating something. Remember to take care of yourself. May you be safe and blessed.

Visit the coronavirus resource page here for links to national and local resources and to download a free pattern to make a washable, adjustable, 4-layer face mask.