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Floral Affirmations

Floral Affirmations
Floral Affirmations

As you create this canvas, you will practice techniques to create a textural painting.  You will also practice creating art that is pleasing to the eye, while remaining imperfect.

You choose YOUR words.  You choose what inspires YOU.

The course will be an introductory course to techniques that are used in creating soulful art, or healing art.  The course itself will not delve deeply into the subject, but the student will walk away having a broad perspective of what healing art is about.

You will spend some time reflecting on words of importance and meaning to you.  Some of those words will end up on the canvas and become a visual affirmations piece to reflect on.

The cost of this course is $45.00 per person and includes a ready-to-hang canvas.

THIS COURSE IS AVAILABLE AS A GROUP COURSE: gather a group of 4 friends, decide on date(s) and time(s) and send your request to or call 253-334-3341. This course can be completed in one day, or broken into 2-hour time frames. If there are 4 openings on any pre-scheduled course/project class, you may request that date/time for your group course.